Our goal at Netrix is to create digital solutions to improve the patients and physicians' overall experience. We bring the best user experience and most distinguished user interface design to digital products used by patients, doctors, and clinics.

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Our main

Clinic Trials

We help our clients make clinical trials more efficient and flexible through digital solutions such as digital recruitment, patient engagement, and telemedicine to modernize clinical research.

Mental health

We design solutions for mobile and web apps to support feelings of personal and emotional safety, increase personal interaction, and support social interaction, critical for anyone suffering with mental health issues.


EHR helps deliver more effective care, in addition to introducing new challenges for clinicians workflow impact.

These challenges can be easily resolved utilizing good UX design, which accounts for optimal workflow, considers different user roles, and pairs the system specifications with the environment.

Preventive Medicine

We are excited to work on projects that are designed to protect and extend longevity. Our team at Netrix helps create digital solutions for personalized medicine, improving user’s overall experience and helping users and businesses achieve their goals.

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01. Web-based portal for Clinic Administrat-ors and Therapists

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02. Mental health mobile app

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03. Home
therapy app

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04. The right EHR for every practice

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05. Preventive Medicine platform

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06. Behavioral treatment web and mobile app

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07. “How are you feeling today?”

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08. Patient portal mobile app

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09. Dermatology clinic website

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